Our Mission

Young Minds In Motion was founded in 2013. Established by coaches and parents who cared about supporting the community through youth development focused on academics and athletics (primarily football). This team of coaches and parents wanted a team name that encompassed the family values as well as represents where it all started, Bronx Wolfpack was established.

We aim to provide a program that emphasizes the importance of academic achievement, sportsmanship, teamwork, good character, and community. Through our competitive programs we will encourage respect, leadership, and discipline; qualities that promote the growth of our youth as they become responsible adults.

What We Believe:

We believe that competitive sports provide discipline, structure, and great opportunities to instill respect and leadership qualities in our youth

Who can be involved:

We are based in the Bronx but anyone can join our association and play on our teams. We are open to all youth between the ages of 5-18.

Age Only Programs:

Our young athletes should enjoy sports and play with their peers. We create teams based on age and not weight. We allow players to play with their peers, which promote safety and solid development in sports. The National Football League and USA Football support our philosophy.

Our Parents:

Our commitment to our parents is to maintain a quality program. We accomplish this through constant communication with parents/guardians and our community members, as well as elected officials. We believe engaging parents promotes their involvement in their child's life and increases the success of our participants.

Why we are different:

In addition to sports, we also have programs that help our parents raise well-rounded individuals. Our most successful program, “Academic Accountability”, highlights to participants the benefits and consequences of their efforts and behaviors off the field. Our “Character Counts” program facilitates a discussion between parents and youth about character traits that are essential to becoming a responsible person. Lastly, our “Pay It Forward” program provides opportunities for participants to give back to their community.


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Young Minds In Motion 

Bronx Wolfpack 

Our Goals

  • Increase the number of youth who are active
  •  Assist youth in balancing academics and participation in sports activities.
  •  Increase resources available to parents to assist them in supporting their young athlete.
  •   Create programs and activities that embrace culture and diversity, promote unity and support youth into the future.